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King Arthur: Fallen Champions by Paradox Interactive



  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Developer: Paradox Interactive
  • Category: Strategy

Product Details:

The great King Arthur has crushed his adversaries in the South, but the realm of the Once and Future King still has its limit... The lands beyond the Forest of Bedegraine are wild, ruled by no one, haunted by the old gods, who fought and bled here in times long past. This is the tale of three brave souls. Sir Lionel, a brave knight from Britannia, on a quest to rescue a damsel in distress, before it's too late. Lady Corrigan of the Sidhe, a creature of the twilight seeking the secret pathways that could lead her back to her lost home of Tir na nÓg. Drest the Chosen, a shaman of the North, driven by visions of greatness and voices in the night. One knight, an enchantress, and a prophet -- These three will become champions of a forgotten battle that began long, long ago. The Fallen Champions Campaign Map covers one specific region of Britannia, where players command three very different heroes. The gameplay relies on a story-based, mission-to-mission plot. Players will not conquer territories on the Campaign Map, which also lacks the strategic and economical management decisions this time - they choose missions and upgrade heroes instead. Fallen Champions features 10 battles, each preceded by an individual adventure quest. Each hero has his own storyline and each of these storylines incorporates three battles, adding up to a total of nine skirmishes plus the last big confrontation with the major foe in the 10th battle. The battlemaps are very diverse both in visuals and in construction: some tactical-RPG situations (with a limited number of elite units and heroes), tactical battles (with huge armies on the field) and massive battles against a general AI under very unusual circumstances. When heroes move on the Campaign Map from mission to mission, they unlock quests one after another. These quests provide appropriate details about the plot and also give insights into the next battle mission. The choices made during these quests influence the outcome of the plot and sometimes even have some effects on the setup of the next battle.

  • Follow three unique heroes, each with their own storyline featuring adventure quests and epic fights. The fates of these three heroes are intertwined, and their quests lead up to one massive battle under extraordinary circumstances.
  • A variety of battle types fought on unique, beautifully crafted battlemaps, ranging from smaller tactical skirmishes to grand engagements against superior numbers.
  • A dark and gripping fantasy tale that bridges the gap between King Arthur and King Arthur II, set in an ancient region of Britannia, beyond the well-known territories of King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame.



DirectX® 9.0c or higher
Hard Drive Space
8 GB Available Hard Drive Space
Operating System
Windows XP SP2 or Vista or Windows7
AMD Athlon 4000+ or equivalent Intel CPU
1.5 GB Available System Memory
Video Card
Nvidia 8600 GT (256Mbyte) / ATI Radeon HD3650 (256Mbyte)